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Graphic and web design services. Event planning and courses.

Wellness retreats with yoga, personal development workshops, and volunteer work activities.

Hand made custom gifts

and party favors.

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Entrepreneur with a serious travel bug. Graphic Designer and Event Planning expert with more than 10 years of experience working in the corporate and non-profit worlds.

Originally from Venezuela, living in Calgary, Canada. After traveling the world for a few years working and doing volunteer work I had to offer a platform for people to not only help themselves but also help others, that's how Soul Trips my wellness retreat company was born.

Diverse Creativity: Custom Gifts is how I spent my time when I first came to Canada and couldn't work, up to today, I still make gifts and party favors to help people give their loved ones a one of a kind gift. 

After making all kinds of designs and planning a crazy number of events, I know a thing or two and I am happy to share what I know. With the business solutions I offer, I'm confident we can work together to reach success faster.


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